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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is about helping people to move forward in their lives. Often, clients will have one or more specific areas in which they wish to make progress. The coach helps them to move forward in these areas by listening and asking the right questions, by helping them to focus, by giving them time to think, and by helping them to choose suitable goals.

The coach can often help people to identify beliefs that are holding them back (known as “limiting beliefs”). It can sometimes be difficult for people to see these for themselves because they are so used to living with them. However, once such beliefs have been identified, clients are more able to move forward in ways that were impossible before.

Some people want help in identifying the things that are really most important to them, and the coach can help them to pin down exactly what these are. The coach can then help them to move forward in these areas so that the client can have a more fulfilled life.

It is the client who chooses the areas to be explored, not the coach; the coach is there to help the client.

Coaching is not counselling or therapy, which tend to be about working through issues from the past. Coaching is about moving people forward.

Everything that is said in the coaching sessions is treated as confidential. Also, sessions will be conducted in a non-judgmental way. This provides clients with a safe environment in which they feel able to be open and themselves.

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Are you ready to take steps to change your life?

Simply scroll down for information on our current life coaching team. Once you’ve chosen a life coach to suit you, simply fill in the contact form, and they’ll be in touch with details on how to proceed. Each session lasts one hour and is by video chat via Skype. There’s no obligation or minimum terms; you can stop at any time. The current fee per session for personal clients is £50; however, discounted package options are available.

Our Life Coaching Team

Simon Harris

Simon Harris

Qualified Life Coach

Simon has had experience in many areas of work. He was self-employed for many years successfully running his own retail business. After working in retail, he worked in various roles for Framework in Nottingham, including supporting survivors of abuse. This is a charity for assisting the homeless to gain accommodation and meaningful employment. After leaving Framework, he went on to work for the Methodist Church in drug and alcohol support, following that he worked for Lancashire Care NHS Trust as a support worker on a secure psychiatric inpatient unit based in Lancaster. When he moved back to Nottingham, he assisted in the running of a community project enabling people to move forward in their lives.

Simon is a very friendly and approachable person who is passionate about helping others. He feels that life coaching is an excellent way of achieving this and for people to achieve their dreams and goals. He enjoys seeing the change in people as they progress through the coaching programme.

Life coaching sessions are performed via Skype so clients worldwide can access our service.

Simon is available at our London office at 0203 807 7367, please use extension number 100 or use the contact form below.

Ruth Maple

Ruth Maple

Qualified Life Coach

Ruth has a B.Ed. (Hons) Degree and has years of experience teaching children between the ages of four and eleven years. She has also worked for many years with teenagers, organising events, mentoring, and running girls’ courses in schools, focusing on areas such as self-esteem and relationships. She is qualified to deliver the MAGIC youth development programme, and has also completed training to coach parents, and as a teacher and youth worker has had plenty of experience with helping parents to deal with their teenagers. Other work that she has been involved with is in the community, working with adults of all ages and all walks of life. She has overseen a centre for people in the community and has dealt with various people dealing with a range of mental health issues. She has experience in leadership roles, of which some have involved taking workshops and giving interactive talks.

Ruth has a warm, caring, and friendly personality and is very empathetic. She is positive and down to earth.
She is passionate about life coaching as she feels that this has a positive effect on people’s lives, helping them to achieve their goals and giving them the motivation to move forward. By having someone to actively listen and ask them incisive questions, they are given the confidence to make changes and make a difference in their lives.

Life coaching sessions are performed via Skype so clients worldwide can access our service.

Ruth is available at our London office at 0203 807 7367, please use extension number 101 or use the contact form below.

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